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Thousands of individual trust us with the security of their policies information.
We take your trust seriously and strive to improve our cyber security measures daily.

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Bank Level Standard Security

PolicyPal uses HTTP/ SSL to encrypt communications between front-end (web/mobile apps) to the back-end services (RESTful), and prevent man-in-the-middle attacks/eavesdropping and the likes.

Singapore Government's PDPA Compliant

PolicyPal places great emphasis on protecting your privacy and collects, processes and utilises your personal information only in accordance with this Privacy Policy for Singapore and the requirements of the PDPA. We do not share your data without your consent.

Secure Authentification

PolicyPal utilises token-based authentication/ Oauth2 for authentication and authorisation. This ensures that we can safely control the permissions to access specific resources through our RESTful services, and specify the desirable duration for each token.

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